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What is an Authentigraph®?

An Authentigraph® is a collectible item that is GUARANTEED by Authentigraph® to be AUTHENTIC.

An Authentigraph® can be several things. An Authentigraph® can be a Signature or Autograph of a famous person where the signature was witnessed by an Authenticator of Authentigraph®, or the signature has been authenticated by an Authorized Authenticator for Authentigraph® .

An Authentigraph® can also be a Rare Book or a Signed piece of Artwork that has been Authenticated.

An item sold by Authentigraph® that was signed in front of an authorized authenticator of Authentigraph® will state in the GUARANTEE that the autograph was personally witnessed by an Authenticator of Authentigraph® .

All Authentigraph® GUARANTEES have a serial number that you can look up on this site to verify the item is in our Database.

Some items without signatures are sold by Authentigraph® such as Rare Old Books. Such items were analyzed by authenticators at Authentigraph® and have been found in our opinion to be AUTHENTIC.

Items owned by an individual or a company can be Authenticated by Authentigraph®, in such a case the GUARANTEE for that item will state that the item was not sold originally by Authentigraph® but it has been Authenticated and is GUARANTEED to be Authentic.

All items AUTHENTICATED by Authentigraph® are GUARANTEED to be authentic.

Please check our ON-LINE DATABASE if you have a serial number to verify any item you have a question on, has actually been Authenticated by us.

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